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Board Meeting and Notes Recreation Teams & Schedules Weather Center
Monthly board meeting January 11th @ 6.00 pm at Compass Church Mezzanine. Any new business must be submitted to the Secretary one week in advance. Recreation teams, player rosters, coach contacts and game schedules for the current and past seasons. For up-to-date field conditions and game status Call Rainout Line @ 817-416-2255 (BALL)
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Scheduled Recreation Games
Next 7 Days
Monday 20th April 2015
06:00 PM 07U Aggies vs. Rangers
06:00 PM 07U Mets vs. Astros
06:00 PM 09U Storm vs. Phillies
06:00 PM 10U Royals vs. Orioles
06:00 PM 11/12U Giants vs. Sun Devils
06:00 PM 13/14U Huskers vs. Royals
Tuesday 21st April 2015
06:00 PM 07U Astros vs. Rangers
06:00 PM 08U White Sox vs. Colleyville Tigers
06:00 PM 09U Knights vs. Astros
06:00 PM 10U Aggies vs. Panthers
06:00 PM 11/12U Marlins vs. Buzz
Thursday 23rd April 2015
06:00 PM 07/08U Premier Rangers vs. Troopers
06:00 PM 08U Colleyville Tigers vs. Rangers
06:00 PM 09U Sharks vs. Grizzlies
06:00 PM 10U D-Backs vs. Panthers
06:00 PM 11/12U Marlins vs. A's
Saturday 25th April 2015
08:00 AM 03/04U Rattlers vs. Indians
08:00 AM 05U Cubs vs. Rangers
08:00 AM 05U Indians vs. Angels
08:00 AM 09U Storm vs. Sharks
08:00 AM 10U Orioles vs. D-Backs
08:00 AM 11/12U Orioles vs. A's
09:00 AM 05U Scrappers vs. Cardinals
09:00 AM 06U Nationals vs. Rangers
09:45 AM 09U Phillies vs. Knights
09:45 AM 10U Pirates vs. Aggies
10:00 AM 11/12U Spartans vs. Panthers
10:00 AM 13/14U Royals vs. SL Green
10:15 AM 06U Aggies vs. Braves
10:15 AM 06U Dodgers vs. Tigers
11:30 AM 09U Grizzlies vs. Astros
11:30 AM 10U Rangers vs. Royals
11:45 AM 07U Astros vs. Panthers
11:45 AM 07U Rangers vs. Mets
12:00 PM 11/12U Marlins vs. Giants
12:00 PM 13/14U Royals vs. GV Mustangs
01:15 PM 08U Muckdogs vs. Rangers
01:15 PM 08U Indians vs. Pirates
01:15 PM 10U Panthers vs. Royals
02:00 PM 11/12U Sun Devils vs. Buzz
02:45 PM 08U Braves vs. Storm
02:45 PM 08U Colleyville Tigers vs. White Sox
03:15 PM 10U Pirates vs. Rangers
04:15 PM 07/08U Premier Coppell - Minnick vs. Rangers
04:15 PM 07/08U Premier Coppell - Erickson vs. Crusaders
05:45 PM 07/08U Premier Coppell - Erickson vs. Rangers
05:45 PM 07/08U Premier Coppell - Minnick vs. Crusaders
Scheduled Games: 47

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Game Picture Gallery Now On-Line! Select Teams Blastball - Want to learn more about this program?
To view game action shots and team picture schedules for the current season. Select teams, player rosters and coach contacts for the current and past seasons Colleyville is proud to sponsor Blastball for 03/04U players.
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About Us
The Colleyville Baseball Association is dedicated to providing recreation and select youth baseball between the ages of 3U to 18U for the youth of Colleyville, Texas.

*** Weather Center ***
Field 8 & 9 games are cancelled but fields 4-7 are on for games from 1 pm and on!
Updated 4-18-2015 at 12:41:06 PM

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